Did you buy your Security Cameras from Costco, Amazon, Frys, Sams Club etc.. and need Installation ?

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  • Our pricing is simple and our  

          Installation is Incredible. 

  • We have over 20 years combined

       Security  Camera Installation experience.

  • We are trained on a dozen camera brands.        
    LOREX, SWANN, Q-SEE, HikVision , RING, NEST,

       Netgear ARLO, Panasonic, AvertX,

       Nightowl and many more.  

Book your Installation online.

       the process is quick and simple.


Pricing for 1 to 16 Cameras

Please Note: We have a *4 camera minimum charge.
 *even if we only install 1 camera.. sorry. :-( 

All Installations includes the following: 

Expert wiring/cabling from Camera to Recorder
This includes tacking, stapling or running the wire through your attic-
* Conduit and wire  molding sold extra.
Camera mounting and focus to the customers satisfaction.
We include mounting hardware for the various surface types....
ie: Wood, Stucco, Concrete .
DVR / NVR setup with Hard Drive initialization. 
This includes configuring all the settings for the conditions provided.
Modem - Port forwarding with IT Configuration. 
Every modem router has built in Firewalls and must have Ports open so 
video can stream to your devices while away. We do all that .  :-)
Install APPs and or Software on your devices.
This includes basic App training. 

$100.00 per Camera

EXAMPLE: 4 Camera -DVR complete installation
4 x $100.00 = $400.00

Discounted Pricing based on

Home or Business difficulty 

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We Install Your Security Cameras


Serving: OC, LA, RV & SD


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We Install Costco, Amazon or online bought Security Cameras .  Lorex, Nest , ARLO, Q-see , Swann, and many more., 

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