At Install Your , we look forward to working with customers in residential and commercial settings. We have a strong reputation throughout the West Coast for security camera installation. We are trained on a number of different brands and models, providing confidence to all of our customers.

Enjoying a reputation for professionalism, quality, reliability and superior client service, we proudly have protected and served over 20,000 clients of all sizes, including residential properties, property management and construction companies, office buildings, hotels, schools, retail stores and small businesses, in addition to governmental, hospitality, healthcare, educational and religious institutions.

We have installed over 100,000 security cameras. Ranging from small homes to hi-rise buildings. . No matter the location. No matter the challenge, we’re the company to help secure and protect your home or business!

Our technicians are experienced and have the knowledge needed to provide a thorough installation, complete with testing the cameras prior to leaving. We will also provide full training to the customers to ensure that everyone knows how to operate the equipment that they have installed on-site. Should anyone have questions following the installation, we are always available to answer questions and to return to the site for making adjustments.

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from this service?

You can expect a single installer who is able to service a home up to two stories in height using a standard two-section ladder for access to the camera mounting positions. The pro will run and try to conceal the video cables you supply between the camera and the DVR unit. The camera will require a local power socket and final camera mounting position will be governed by available viewing angles and safe ladder access. A final assessment of camera images will be carried out to confirm that the system is operational following the installation and the pro will show you how to use your new system. Providers are not expected to patch or repair the drywall if holes must be cut to run cables through your walls.

Does the provider need to conceal my cabling?

To protect the camera cables from being cut by intruders, providers will always attempt to hide the cables. Pros will do their best to include this service as part of their initial estimate but additional costs may apply pending an onsite inspection to understand the material and build of your home. They will use conduit or wire molding when it is not cost effective or possible to hide the cables in the walls or attic.

Do I have the right products for this service?

This service is intended for wired surveillance camera systems, most of which come with 60 feet of cabling.

What do I need to provide for this service?

You are responsible for the provision of all equipment, including power strip and recording device, and adequate power sockets in close proximity to the DVR position.

Why should I hire a pro?

Even jobs that look easy can go wrong in any number of ways. Handing off the project to a professional, who has experience doing exactly what you need done, will save you time and potential headaches by making sure the job gets done right the first time.

What if I have special security camera installation requirements?

Once your service is purchased, you can discuss any special security camera installation requirements with your installer. If your requirements materially change the desired scope of work for security camera installation, the pro will provide you an updated price estimate. You can then choose to accept the new estimate if it falls within your budget.

Can customers pay extra for things like: Steel Conduit, Wire Molding of CAT6 ethernet wire ?

Yes, please call or email us for pricing .

Do we sell Maintenance contracts ?

Yes.. $20.00 a month and includes Free camera repair or replacement, with local onsite tech support..

How long is the average install for 8-12 cameras ?

For 8-12 cameras installed on a 2 story residence, takes approximately 8 houirs with training and camera focusing.

Are we Insured ?

Yes , we insure every install with a Certificate of Liability Insurance., ( in some cases for large commercial projects, we provide an Addtional Insured.

Are we Licensed ?

Yes we are licensed with a Contractors license under the our construction name and Parent Company.

Is $100.00 per Camera expensive ?

The industry average installatyion cost per camera is $100.00-$125.00 .. and we feel that we are 10 x times then the average installation company,.

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If it's not on the list, we still will install it.

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We Install Costco, Amazon or online bought Security Cameras .  Lorex, Nest , ARLO, Q-see , Swann, and many more., 

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